Modena Cento Ore Classic

The “Cento Ore” is an exciting journey on a wonderful scenic route with circuit races, hillclimbs on closed roads and unique evenings in astonishing locations, all sewed together with touristic and cultural hints.
And you can enjoy it either in the Competition or in the Regularity section: it is the only event in Italy which offers you all of this!

Created in 2000, The Cento Ore is a great combination of luxury tourism and motor racing, handled by a team of passionate professionals from Scuderia Tricolore and Canossa Events.

The main goal for participants of the Modena Cento Ore Classic is to enjoy the five days route across Italy and arrive on time at the final check point in Modena on Saturday afternoon. Note that even if your car has technical problems and you miss some time checks or special stages, you will get a penalty but you will always be allowed to drive to the finish!!

Project description

Competition: Drive as fast as you can!
In the competition section, the ranking is made by the sum of the times you achieve in circuit races and special stages plus any penalties; the “Index of Performance” Classification is corrected with a coefficient based on age and technical specifications of the car.

Regularity: enjoy the tour and take your stopwatch with you
This category is recommended to competitors who are not motor racing experts and to the ones who prefer to enjoy at best the pleasure of the tour. Regularity has a slightly more relaxed schedule.
The regularity section runs exactly on the same route of the competition section and features timed laps in circuits and timed trials on roads closed to traffic.

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